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Lessons and Training

At Laurel Springs Farm we provide lessons and training to all levels of riders and horses. We offer foundational lessons for beginner riders as well as coaching for advanced riders competing at the recognized level.


As Bernie Traurig says, "perfect practice makes perfect" while imperfect practice just reinforces position and timing problems that affect your balance, your safety, the confidence level of you and your horse, and overall performance. 
Our goal for coaching is to instill the classical training and time honored traditions established by the American Forward System of Riding to develop a rider that can safely, clearly and confidently work with their horse.

If learning or improving proper, classical horsemanship concepts for maximum safety and effectiveness to bring out your best performance in hunters/jumpers, eventing or dressage is your goal,  Laurel Springs Farm is the place for you to train and ride in the NRV. 

Private Lessons - $45

Private lessons are open to riders of all levels looking to learn and improve their mounted skills with a qualified instructor. We have safe, experienced horses, that will allow riders to feel confident in their abilities and grow. Riders are welcome to ride one of our horses or their own mount. Time in the saddle will depend upon experience. Beginners will spend more time on the ground learning horsemanship essentials such as grooming, handling, tacking their mount, after care, and tack  maintenance.  More experienced riders will get more time in the saddle and receive focused instruction tailored to safely meeting their personal goals. Call or email us today if you are interested in creating a lesson plan with us!

 Trail-Rides - $35

At Laurel Springs Farm we are lucky to have access to maintained wooded trails perfect for a relaxed, fun ride. Trail riding can be a unique way to escape into nature and connect with a horse. Trail riding is done at a leisurely walk and can be enjoyed by riders of all levels. We do single or double rider trail rides for $35 dollars per rider. This time would include grooming your horse and a half hour trail ride with an instructor.  Call to schedule a trail ride!

Laurel Springs Farm has brought home three United States Pony Club National Championship wins; Eventing, Advanced Mounted Games, and Stable Management. We had the Reserve Champion Rider at the 2015 Virginia State 4H Show in Senior Dressage at age 14. Our team of junior riders captured gold in Eventing at the 2014 Commonwealth Games against a large field including seniors and professionals. Our juniors also won individual gold, silver, Champion and Reserve Junior and Off the Track Thoroughbred honors. A Laurel Springs Farm Junior brought home the SWHJA Level II Jumper Championship in 2013. Our young riders won the team competition at the USEA Recognized Virginia Horse Trials in 2013 and qualified for and successfully competed at USEA Area II Zones and the American Eventing Championships in 2010 and 2012. We are very proud of all of our current and past LSF equestrians.

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