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Here at Laurel Springs Farm, our mission is to provide a safe, happy and healthy environment for your horse at a reasonable price.

We believe in providing a natural environment where your horse can thrive and feel comfortable. You can feel assured, that for your money, we are focusing on what matters to your horse. While fancier amenities may seem convenient, we have found our horses don’t care about that.

Our resources are used to afford quality forage (grass, hay), feed, footing, and fencing. After 20 years in operation, we believe and know that these are the necessities of a quality equestrian boarding facility. 

Laurel Springs Farm has access to the water from two natural wells. Horses love the fresh water at the farm, and all are provided with multiple drinking options. In addition to filled water troughs, the farm has multiple automatic watering units installed throughout multiple pastures. Heated troughs and buckets are used to assure access in the harsher winter months. Water is checked and monitored daily to assure your horse is able to properly hydrate.

We feed only quality hay and grain which results in our horses maintaining their weight very well in the winter and throughout the year. 


Feeding and watering is regularly administered and personally supervised by owner and operator Holly Butler, a Virginia Tech Animal Science graduate with 40 years of horse related experience. You can be confident that your horse is being cared for by an intelligent, competent individual with integrity.

All boarders at LSF have access to wooded trails perfect for solo or group trail-riding trips. We also have a 90 x 190 ft riding arena, that becomes partially shaded in the evenings by a long standing Oak. Our arena footing is a blend of limestone sand and perma-flex.  We have many wooden jump standards, poles, basic lunging equipment, and a mounting block. We accept and encourage all breeds of horses across all disciplines. 


Full Care Field Board - $275 Monthly 

Full care field boarding includes premium grain daily, ample, quality forage, blanketing service, tack storage and turn out with a well socialized consistent group of horses.  Individual turnout and special services are available for a fee. All additional feed, supplements, and medication are to be provided at individual boarders own cost and discretion.

Full Care Stall Board - $425 Monthly

Full care stall boarding includes premium grain twice daily, ample, quality forage, blanketing service, tack storage and daily turn out in a small well socialized group. All additional feed, supplements, and medication are to be provided at individual boarders own cost and discretion.

*All horses are required to be vaccinated and dewormed in a wellness program in accordance with the latest veterinary recommendations. High preventative health care standards for all horses in a small, less transient setting help to minimize your horse's exposure to costly, debilitating illnesses and injury. Prospective boarders tell us they have been recommended to us by staff at the Virginia Tech Vet school as well as by respected local veterinarians in our area.

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