At Laurel Springs Farm, our goal is to offer the best value in quality boarding for you and your horse. To accomplish this, we keep costs low wherever possible without scrimping in areas that affect your horse's well being. We welcome horses and ponies from all disciplines.

     Your horse's health and happiness is our top priority. Safe fencing and facilities, good footing, economical, convenient, and competent farrier care, and consistent, small turnout groups with low turnover help to keep injuries and related veterinary costs to a minimum.

     Feeding and watering is regularly administered and personally supervised by Holly Butler Pincus, a Virginia Tech Animal Science graduate with over 30 years of horse related experience. You can be confident that your horse is being cared for by an intelligent, competent individual with integrity.

     A consistent staff, coupled with a small operation of 15 horses or less, enable us to become very familiar with your horse's individual needs and behaviors. We would quickly notice when your horse was not right, but such instances are rare due to the quality and experience of our management. All horses have access to ample, clean water 24/7 which is heated during the winter months to encourage proper hydration. We feed only the best quality hay and grain which results in our horses maintaining their weight very well in the winter. Since opening our doors eighteen years ago, we have never had an instance of colic in a boarder's horse that required hospitalization.

     All horses are required to be vaccinated and dewormed in a wellness program in accordance with the latest veterinary recommendations. High preventative health care standards for all horses in a small, less transient setting, help to minimize your horse's exposure to costly, debilitating illnesses and injury. Prospective boarders tell us they have been recommended to us by staff at the Virginia Tech Vet school as well as by respected local veterinarians in our area.

     We offer stall and field boarding. Premium stall boarding is $395 per month and includes premium grain twice a day, ample, quality forage, and daily turn out in a group of 4 or less. Blanketing is included. Individual turnout and special services are available. Full care field board is $250 per month and includes grain, ample, quality forage and/or pasture with run in sheds in same sex groups of eight or less. Tack storage and trailer parking are provided free of charge.

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